Vidmate 2016 | Free download Vidmate old version app Apk 2016

Vidmate app is considered to be the best app presently available which helps in downloading songs and videos from the online services such as Dailymotion, Vimeo, YouTube, Tumblr, Instagram, Metacafe, and various other multimedia portals online. With the highly recommended app, you will be able to download videos from any video website.

On most of the video websites, the app helps in choosing the quality that you wish to view as well as download the videos including the HD format and low quality settings options which take less space on the memory. This way, all videos that you download would fit perfectly on the virtual library which is organised by the rate of downloading. If you wish to download music, you will have to search for the videos from amongst 20 platforms and the application would automatically save the video and audio tracks.

Amongst the options available for Vidmate 2016 old version download you would also get the secondary video platforms which don’t appear on the main user interface. There are more than 20 options which are available and thus you don’t have to use any search engine for finding the videos. You may store any video clip that you want.

Vidmate 2016 download online also offers an access to a number of games and apps on the Android platform. In case you wish to update any of these, you just need to go to the other tools such as Uptodown or Google Play Store for updating all the applications and for finding new options for the app.


  1. Fast download speed

With the same speed of internet, Vidmate can provide up to 200% faster speed than other similar kind of applications. It employs advanced technology which helps in getting maximum internet speed. It mainly connects with the host from one single device and it may help in improving the internet speed to up to five times. You might even think that it’s not a new technology and a number of other applications are doing it already. It is true. This app isn’t offering anything different, but the only difference is that it is doing everything differently. In other words, it is employing a very simple technology but an improved one.

  1. User friendly and easy interface

The app has a number of features which are a little difficult to handle but have been managed quite systematically. Thus it has become very easy to make use of all these features. So if you are a first time user, you can easily use it.

  1. LIVE TV channels

There are a number of apps which claim to offer LIVE television channels but you would be surprised to know that most of them are fake or they ask for money. When you download Vidmate 2016 old version apk you will see a new and a unique feature of LIVE TV channels. You will find 200 LIVE TV channels which offer music, food, movies, entertainment, and lot more. This is a feature which is not available with any other app for free.

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