Vidmate video downloader app Apk old & new version

How to download the Vidmate video downloader

Wondering how to download the Vidmate video downloading mobile app so that you can download unlimited videos onto your mobile device? If you have been looking for Vidmate on Google Play Store, then you must be frustrated that the installation option for Vidmate is not there. You don’t need to worry.

You see, Vidmate can be easily downloaded as an independent Android installation file. Here is the link to it.

If you have never downloaded an independent Android file you must be wondering how to install it. Installing software on PC or laptop is common, but mostly we install mobile apps through either Google Play Store Apple App Store.

Easily download and install the Vidmate video downloader old & new version

If you are viewing this web page on your mobile phone and if you have tapped on the link, your mobile phone interface will either directly download the file into your Downloads folder or you will have to select the folder where you want to save the file.

There is another small change that you may have to make on your mobile phone before you can install the Vidmate APK. Since on an Android device you are supposed to install apps through Google Play Store, your device may warn you against installing an app from another source.

This is why, you need to go to Settings and turn on “Unknown sources” in the Security settings. This will allow you to install your favourite mobile apps independently of Google Play Store.

Once this setting has been turned on, you can simply navigate to the Downloads folder (assuming the file was downloaded here), tap on the file, and install it. It is as simple as that.

How to download videos with the Vidmate video downloading mobile app?

The interface of Vidmate is quite intuitive. Right from the home screen you can search for your favourite videos and download them within a few minutes (depending on your Internet connection).

The great thing about Vidmate is that you don’t have to search through individual video hosting and video streaming websites to find the video that you want to watch. It has an inbuilt search engine that quickly goes through all the websites and links and find your video.

Then, below the search bar, it lists the same video from different sources. This gives you great choice. For example, if Vidmate can find the same video in 20 different sources, it will show you all 20 choices and then you can download your video from wherever you want to.

Vidmate also gives you a choice to download your video in different file formats. You can download the file choosing any contemporary video format. You can also decide whether you want to download a low-quality video or high-quality video, that is, an HD video (provided it is available originally).

You can then play the video using the inbuilt video player in Vidmate or you can use your own preferred Android video player because as mentioned above, you can download your videos in practically every contemporary video file format.

Can the Vidmate mobile video downloading app run on any mobile device?

Currently it runs on Android mobile phones and tablets. All the current and slightly previous versions of Android support Vidmate. Right now, it cannot be used on iOS devices but our developers are working on creating a version that can run on iPhones and iPads.

So, go on a video watching binge. You don’t have to worry about an Internet connection when you’re watching your favourite videos. The entire purpose of the Vidmate video downloading mobile app is that you can download and save your videos when you have a good Internet connection, and then watch them later without worrying about the quality of your Internet connection.

Let us know if you want another feature in the app or if you face some sort of problem. We will be happy to resolve it.

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